There is a popular saying with great power comes great responsibility. With the growing awareness to women empowerment, it is a well observed fact that more and more women are entrusted with high responsibilities. Gone are the days when women were in charge of just taking care of their children and household chores. Today they can be easily compared to any man as they have learned the knack of balancing their careers as well their home lives and many of these women actually prove to be the sole bread winners for their families.

With the growing responsibilities, the lifestyle faces an erratic schedule. Women empowerment is a good but to match to expectations, stress levels take up. Stress is a vital factor which is not only harmful for the bod,  but also accelerates the aging process and causes obesity due to emotional binging. At youth, your body metabolism is high. Hence the calories that are consumed are well utilized in the form of energy. However, as you age and with the growing responsibilities and stress levels, your body metabolism also starts getting weak. Therefore, your body is unable to convert the calories into energy in a proper manner. This leads to causing obesity.

Even with regards to aging, the collagen is a vital protein which is naturally produced in abundance at the peak of your youthful stage. But due to unhealthy factors such as smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol, exposure of the skin to harsh sun rays, free radicals, exposure of skin to dust, dirt and pollution, stress, etc, leads to causing depletion of the collagen protein which results in acceleration of the aging process.

Therefore, with regards to weight loss and aging in women they are always looking for ways and means to combat this issue. With regards to weight loss, you should ensure to always keep your body metabolism well boosted. A body with high metabolism is a physically active body and will ensure to covert the calories consumed into forms of energy. Even with regards to aging factor, women should ensure to keep the collagen levels well boosted. This will ensure to slow the process of aging in the body.

It all comes down to the lifestyle factors you choose to lead. By choosing to lead a discipline lifestyle comprising for exercising and a healthy nutritious diet, you are sure to keep the body metabolism as well as the collagen levels well boosted even as you age. A daily routine of exercising which can comprise of cardio workouts as well as strength training on alternate days is extremely helpful with regards to maintaining the body metabolism as well as collagen levels. A healthy nutritious high protein diet supports a healthy weight loss at the same time antioxidant diet is the perfect remedy to anti age.

Therefore, with age learn to take care of your overall body. Maintain a healthy lifestyle which proves to be extremely useful with regards to anti aging and maintaining the correct body weight. Maintain your stress levels as it helps you take care of your body. Learn the right and healthy way to take care of your overall body and this inturn will help you manage your work and your family too.

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