Make Sure Your Being Healthy, Not Naive! Stop Following Baseless Diet Fads!

Weight loss for us ladies is a very touchy subject. We all have tried a routine or a program to lose those extra pounds. Have you ever wondered what if you were wrong for believing something or not believing something? Here we are busting some myths for your benefit.

Say No Carbs If You Want To Lose Weight

This is the most common of the myths we come across and it’s not true. Carbs are the fuel on which your runs. Your body needs carbs while exercising to burn the body fat. The fibers in the carbs help protect our body from cardiovascular diseases. There are various types of carbs and you need to choose wisely. The ones you should be avoiding the processed carbs which contain high sugar and calorie levels. You can enjoy beans, legumes, whole grains like brown rice, whole grain bread. You should emphasize more on fiber rich fruits and vegetables as they satisfy your hunger with less calories.

Status: Busted!

Snacking Is A Bad Idea

Snacking is a bad idea only if you are chomping on chips, fries, candies or any other fattening snack. Snacking in between meals will help you sustain your energy levels. Snacks can prevent your blood sugar levels from dropping too low. Make you don’t snack on something which can fluctuate your sugar levels. Go for fibrous fruit or a carrot. Snacks can be very useful in restoring your energy levels after a heavy workout. They boost muscle recovery too. We would suggest you to go for nutrient dense foods to balance your diet. For example, a yogurt with a fruit will complete your calcium quota for the day.

Status: Busted!

Low Or Reduced Fat Is Good

We come low fat versions of our favorite foods and are immediately tempted have one. Stop right there your low fat is version may be as good as the normal one. If a food packet is labeled “low fat” then it must contain less fat than the full-fat to make it legally low fat. This doesn’t make it a healthy choice. These foods may also contain high concentrated sugars to compensate for the taste. The low fat versions may contain added flour, salt, starch or sugar to improve the taste and texture. These additions add extra calories.

Status: Busted!

Starving Or Skipping Meals Is Healthy

Starving, skipping meals or fad diets are not good for long term weight loss. Some fad diets have proven to cause irreversible damage to our body. These diets strip off your body of essential nutrients and then your body will crave for high fat or sugar food which is very unhealthy. Try to eat in smaller portions and increase the number of portions. This way your body will be energized from time to time and get essential nutrients to maintain healthy functioning.

Status: Busted!

Slimming Pills Are Good For Long Term Weight Loss

At some point in life we need short cuts to achieve goals. But trust us weight loss goal is not that goal. Not all slimming pills work, most of them are fakes. There are few prescribed pills which may be helpful for weight loss in addition to proper exercise and balanced diet. There are some over the counter and unlicensed ones too which may be dangerous to your health. Buy them on your own risk and don’t expect too much.

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