The season has changed and summer is here. Summer is the season of barbecues and chilling at the beach or swimming pool with your family. But this fun time can be enjoyed by keeping your skin safe from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Most of the skin related issues happen due to overexposure to the sun. These harmful sun rays cause your skin to age rapidly by producing free radicals. Age spots a.k.a brown spots can be seen on the skin exposed to the sun. don’t forget the fine lines and wrinkles

Hydrate Yourself:

Heat and the sun flush the water out of your skin. In addition to drinking the recommended 8 glasses of water each day, enrich your diet with water-rich foods such as berries, apples, watermelons, salad or broccoli to add extra hydration. Supercharge skin hydration by choosing skin care products that protect you against environmental damage and encourage collagen production. Powerful skin-protecting and collagen-boosting ingredients include Vitamin C, amino acids, probiotics, blueberries or many other fruit extracts with antioxidant activity. With enough collagen, your skin will stay plump and hydrated, sealing in its own moisture.

Cleanse Your Skin:

Sweat, dirt, buildup of foundation and sunscreen lead to clogged pores and breakouts. Make sure you thoroughly clean your skin at night using the cleanser. Exfoliation every two weeks is beneficial to all skin types. For troubled skin that is prone to breakouts, it can help keep acne and breakouts at bay by keeping the pores clear. For dry skin, exfoliation not only helps remove dead cells from the surface of your skin, which cause the feeling of roughness and dryness, but it also promotes new cell renewal and smoother and softer skin. Plus, regular exfoliation encourages better product penetration that might interfere with absorption, thus increasing the efficacy of any skincare product you use.

Sweating can flush out the dirt and oil from the skin pores. Thus making the skin more susceptible to breakout. Proper nighttime skincare routine that heals the skin and minimizes the skin pores is very essential.

Don’t Shave Or Wax:

Hair removal makes your skin extra sensitive and leaves your hair follicles damaged. Skin requires time to heal from tiny abrasions caused by shaving and waxing.

Wear Bigger Sunglasses:

Sunglasses do more than styling, they provide protection to the delicate skin under the eyes. Squinting continuously can be a cause of fine lines and wrinkles. The bigger the glasses the more protection you provide your eyes from the sun.

Avoid Citric Drinks In The Sun:

Be careful around lime-based drinks – cocktail or mocktail, if it gets on your skin (mouth included), it can make that area more sensitive to light, causing chemical-like burns due to phytophotodermatitis, or what some call “margarita dermatitis”. Drink it in the shade, and wash your hands and face if you’re having anything citrus-based, and keep in mind that alcohol is dehydrating.

Although there are so many side effects of exposing your skin to the sunlight there are benefits of the sunlight also. The body produces vitamin D when exposed to sunlight which is essential in absorbing Calcium. Too much exposure to ultraviolet or UV rays can cause sunburn. UV rays penetrate the outer skin layers and pass into the deeper layers, where they can damage or kill skin cells. People who do not have much melanin and sunburn easily should protect themselves by covering up sensitive areas, wearing sun block, limiting their total exposure time, and limiting their sun exposure between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

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