Don’t Order Just Because It Is A Risk Free Trial.

Everyone faces skin aging sooner or later in life, it cannot be avoided. When the dryness in your increases, you start noticing fine lines all over your face especially, near your eyes and mouth. This happens due to lack of important proteins like collagen and elastin.
Other factors like your lifestyle and environment to which your  skin is exposed also cause your skin to become saggy and wrinkled. The UV rays from the sun break down the collagen and elastin in the skin.

At such times, one looks for extra help for the skin. Regular moisturizer and sun block cannot provide with collagen boosting ingredients. Your skin will need anti-aging products. There are several such creams and serums which claim to provide collagen and elastin boosting ingredients. L’Amour Skin Cream is a product doing the rounds in the skincare industry.

What Is L’Amour Skin Cream?

L’Amour Skin Cream claims to be a proprietary formula concocted to reduce all signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, dull, dry and saggy skin, dark circles and dark spots. The topical treatment is marketed as a natural and affordable cream which boosts collagen and elastin in your skin and is a supposedly “safe” alternative to Botox, plastic surgery or dermal fillers.

How Does L’Amour Skin Cream Work?

The biggest flaw of this anti-aging product is the lack of information how will it deliver all the claims. The main ingredients in the cream are composed of antioxidants, anti-aging properties, and collagen boosting components. The manufacturer also claims this cream to be extremely hydrating which prevents premature aging of the skin. The formula claims to reduce free radicals which further slows down the aging of the skin.

But these are all claims are not backed up with satisfactory data or any clinical trials.

No Information On L’Amour Skin Cream’s Manufacturer

No information is provided regarding the manufacturer of L’Amour Skin Cream. The website only states that the manufacturer offers a Risk Free Trial. There is no indication of where the formulation of the cream is done. This raises doubts regarding safety and quality of the cream.

There are various complaints of this being an auto ship program is mentioned in very fine prints. There are have been numerous complaints of customers claiming that their credit card was being charged just within few days of receiving the product.

Ingredients In L’Amour Skin Cream

Oats Kernel:
This contains amino acids, beta-glucan, and polyphenols which have shown to slow down the aging of the skin. But there are no scientific studies to back this theory.

Blackberry Extract: The manufacturer of L’Amour Skin Cream claims that this boosts production of collagen and elastin without any scientific backup.

Acai Fruit Oil: This claimed to protect and repair skin from UV rays from the sun.

Retinol: This being the most popular anti-aging ingredient claims to boost collagen production and protect damage caused by sun exposure.

Side Effects Caused L’Amour Skin Cream

The most pertinent concern with L’Amour Skin Cream is the potential for side effects from retinol. This ingredient is known to cause redness, irritation and skin peeling in the first weeks of use.

Additionally, some of the botanical ingredients may cause an allergic reaction for those with plant sensitivities.

To reduce the potential for serious L’Amour Skin Cream side effects, it’s advisable to conduct a thorough skin patch test before regular use.

Pros Of L’Amour Skin Cream

  • woman-screaming-on-the-phoneYou get a Risk-Free trial of L’Amour Skin Cream on various websites(For a limited time only, after which full cost will be debited from your credit card ).
  • Retinol is the only ingredient which has proven anti-aging properties (Retinol is not suitable for everyone.)
  • Some reviews claim to have worked on minor fine lines and wrinkles.

Cons Of L’Amour Skin Cream

  • No independent clinical test proving the cream really works.
  • Does not have good feedback from the people who signed up for free trials.
  • Most of the ingredients are not backed up any scientific research.
  • Many negative reviews.

Before you start using L’Amour Skin Cream on a regular basis, it would be in the best interest of your skin to test the formula on the small area of your hand.

All in all, L’Amour Skin Cream is just an average anti-aging formula being offered online. There is a Risk Free Trial but you need to be careful if you want to sign up. Make sure that you read the terms and conditions carefully so that you won’t have issues with your credit card after signing up.

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