Winter Skin Care: Do Not Ignore These Skin Care Tips

Winter Is Coming. Are You Prepared?

Winter is a season where not only your facial skin but also the overall skin of the body tends to get dry and damaged. Therefore, you need to take extra precautions providing your skin with ample care and attention and avoid the same from getting dry and damaged. Below mentioned tips will help you provide your skin with care and attention for the overall body, especially during winters.

1.Bathe Just Once A Day.

In winters, you need to ensure to bathe just once a day. Especially if you are already experiencing the issue of dry skin, refrain from taking showers more than once on a daily basis. Your showers need to be shorter and avoid hot water baths. Hot water showers accelerate the dryness process of your skin.  Make use of a body oil or body butter so that this helps the skin to retain the moisture levels.

2. Different Types Of Baths.

As per skin experts, they recommend having seaweed baths , aroma therapy baths and even making use of oatmeal / milk baths promotes a good skin care regime during winters. You can make your own oatmeal mixture by adding equal ratio of oatmeal and whole milk. This will help your skin stay moisturized throughout the whole body.

3.Be Careful!

Refrain from using any sorts of antibacterial or deodorant based soaps, it may lead to skin dryness. Therefore, it is recommended to use mild pH balanced soap, which is in the form of a diluted bath gel. These contain 50% of gel and 50% of water. There are also options whereby you can choose a seaweed based cleanser and provide ample hydration to your skin.

4.Sunscreen. Lots Of It!

Many of you might perceive a wrong myth that just because it is winters, your skin does not require a sun screen protection. UV rays are present even if there is no or little sunlight and can get your skin damaged. Make use of sun screen that contains either SPF 15 or SPF 30 and provide your skin with protection it needs.

5. Exfoliate.

Winters are the season where your skin tends to build up the dead skin cells. Therefore, regular exfoliation process of the skin is recommended to be done at least once every week. Exfoliation process helps to eliminate the dead skin cells and enhances the circulation and lymph flow throughout the body. Ensure circular motions starting from the left leg and also concentrate of the dry heels and knee region. Perform the same process on the right leg as well.  If you have the problem of varicose veins, do not exfoliate that section. Then slowly move up to the stomach and diaphragm area.

Exfoliate around chest and lightly all over your chest as well. Do not miss out your arms and move in the same motion. You will notice your skin getting slightly pink and also feel a tingling sensation. This process needs to be done prior to your morning shower. Do not do this in the afternoons or late evenings as it may affect your overall sleep as it is very stimulating.

The above mentioned tips prove to be the perfect skin care routine during the winters. It is extremely important to provide this skin regime for your overall body. It will help you overcome the dryness and thus you combat various skin issues that are caused due to dryness.


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