These 5 Shoe Hacks Will Save You A Lot Of Trouble.

Find Out How To Take Better Care Of Your Stilettos. And Your Feet, Of Course!

Don’t you just love shoes? No woman can have enough. Black, Red, Pink, White, Dual Tone, Animal Print, Neon colored and list will go on.

We all wear heels and complain about the experience. Next day, we wear them again and complain about the pain and the blisters again. They are really pain in the ass. Well, not literally ass. They make your ass look fine. Actually they are pain in the feet. So how do we get rid of the pain and wear heels like the Cat woman or a super model. I am not a God, I cannot make the pain go away. But I can give you some tips and tricks to make wearing those stilettos bearable.

1.Stretch Your Toes By Freezing:

This one might be gross. But trust me, it will work wonders for you. Take a zip lock bag. Place it in the toe area of your shoe. Pour water into the bag. Freeze the shoe overnight. This will stretch the material in the toe region giving you a comfortable wear the whole day.

2.Relieve Pain With Surgical Tape:

Although you might argue that the pain is worth it, but it can be avoided. Who hasn’t used a surgical tape in their life? Well, if you haven’t, now is the right time. Take a surgical tape and tape your third and fourth toes together. Wait, do what now? There is a nerve called plantar nerve between your third and fourth toes which causes pain in the balls of your feet. Taping third and fourth nerve together reduces this pain. Thank me later!

3.Prevent Slipping, Using Sand Paper:

Sand paper, easily available with any hardware stores. Take small piece of sand paper and rub it against the sole of the shoe. This provides with the traction. No slipping and no awkward accidents in front of your crush! Yay!

4.Use Clear Gel Deodorant:

Clear gel deodorant is your best friend when it comes to blisters. It not only decreases friction but also helps prevents smelly feet. Take any clear gel deodorant, apply it on your toes, ankle and anywhere on your feet where you might feel friction.

5.Use Foot Cushions:

Oh yes they exist! Did you know that? Foot cushions are easily available in shoe store. You can also buy them online. Voila! You have a painless experience of wearing heels for a whole day or night. No more swollen or bruised toes!

Now you can wear your favorite high heels even in the house. Just don’t step on anybody’s toes!


  1. Grace Simmons

    eww! the 1st one is gross… I hope it is worth it.

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