Find Out Apps That Will Engage Your Mind In A Constructive Way

Gone are the days when a smart phone could only be used to send mails or play games.  There are plenty of apps on the Google Play Store which come in handy for day to day life. There are also many apps which are just waste of space. So which are must haves and which are expendables? Here are some types of the must have apps on your smart phone.

1. Camera

Women need to take selfies and pictures of each moment in their lives. Filters like low-fi and valencia are not enough. Women need more than that. There are apps for food photography or more infamously known as “food pornography”. They make our boring mac and cheese look more exquisite. InstaFood, SnapDish Food, PIP camera are some of the best options for these types of photos. Enough about food, let’s talk selfies. You don’t need to put on pounds of makeup just for a selfie. There are apps where you just have to click a picture and add makeup to your liking. Do try Beautiful Nature Frames if you want to be center of the universe.

2. Health App

A strong and calm mind is a sign of a healthy body. To keep your body fit as a fiddle, there are many apps which help you keep track of your various vitals. Get an app which keeps track of how much water you drink, when you should drink and .  For fitness freaks there are innumerable apps like 7 minutes workout, 30 days workout and many more on those lines. Keep count of your calories, steps and your heart beats. For e.g. Pedometer, My Diet Coach, 7 minute workout-Weight Loss and Instant Heart Rate. The best one of all the health related apps are the Period Trackers. With these apps you can keep records of your periods, predict ovulation, menstruation cycle. The most recommended is the Period Calendar / Tracker.

3. Safety App

Safety App is an effective insurance policy. There are apps which keep track of your route and you better use it when walking alone. They reach out to your family or friends in case you are in trouble. One such app is Companion. If you or some loved one is dealing with suicidal thoughts, a safety plan is a must. There are apps which reaches family or friends or professional. Do not take safety apps lightly, they have helped people in need and it is better to safe than sorry.

4. Hobby App

“A hobby a day keeps the doldrums away”- Phyllis McGinley.

Every woman has a hobby whether it is reading, gardening or collecting stamps, there is an app for that. If you are a bookworm you should definitely get an eBook reader like Kindle. And for the busier bookworms Audible can be a great alternative. You can listen to your favorite book while driving to work or washing dishes. Basically anywhere you can take your phone. You name a hobby there is an app for that. All you need is to search for it.

Wipe out those unnecessary apps and make space for these useful apps in your phone.


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