Everyone is familiar with Mark Zuckerberg and his pretty invention Facebook. But it would have been impossible for him to come up Facebook without the contributions from these lovely ladies. Sometimes as a women you find it difficult to find inspirations. All you need is a kickass attitude like Sister Kelly to make a name for yourself in a male dominated world or an innovative brain like Radia Perlman who found a new approach in expanding horizons. Next time you hear someone say “dumb blondie” nerd out these facts and watch them crash down.

Ada Lovelace

Born on 10 December 1815, this British Countess of Lovelace laid the foundation for our dear Charles Babbage’s early working computer “The analytical Engine”. She wrote the first ever algorithm for a machine. Her mother promoted young Ada interest in mathematics and logic in attempts to keep her away from her father. Ada describes herself as an “Analyst and Metaphysician”. Ada Lovelace worked closely with the father of computer Charles Babbage. During a nine month period she explained in detail a method of calculating a sequence with the engine. Thus making her first computer programmer and her detailed “notes” world’s first computer program.

Sister Mary Kenneth Keller

Sister Keller was born in Ohio in 1913 and entered the Sisters of charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in 1932. Sister Keller started working in National Science Foundation workshop which was a male only institution. She also participated in research and development of BASIC language. Sister Keller and Irving Tang were the first people in US to earn a doctorate from Washington University on June 7, 1965 in the field of Computer Science. After this, she founded the computer science department of Clarke College in Iowa. She was strongly of the opinion, that women should be involved in the field of computing.

Carol Shaw And Carla Meninsky

Carol Shaw and Carla Meninsky were the first female engineers hired as game designers for Atarti 2600 Console in 1980’s. Carol Shaw’s position was a Microprocessor Software Engineer at Atarti. Her best known games are River Raid, Tic Tac Toe, Happy Trails and Super Breakout. Shaw worked till 2006 and along with Carla created procedural content generation using algorithms to create River Raid’s non-random landscape. Carla has to her credit racing game Dodge ‘Em and Warlords.  Carla also worked on 2600 port of Star Raiders and an unreleased prototype of Tempest.

Radia Perlman

Radia Perlman is referred to as the Mother of the Internet. She earned Bachelor’s and Master’s in Mathematics and doctorate in Computer Science from MIT. She is a software designer and network engineer famous for her invention of spanning tree protocol which is fundamental in operation of network bridges. She then went on to contribute in network design and standardization like link-state protocols, TRILL which corrects the shortcomings in spanning tree protocol. Radia is an author of one of the textbooks on networking. She has more 100 patents to her credit.

Here are some honorary mentions which we just can’t skip: The Ladies of ENIAC, Frances Allen, Erna Schneider Hoover, Roberta Williams and Admiral Grace Hopper.

Aren’t these women cool? Who do you think deserves to be on the list of extraordinary women with extraordinary contributions to the field of technology? Let us know in the comments below.

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