Summer is all about cute outfits and cuter hairstyles. We don’t want the hair to be sticking on our pretty tanned faces. You’ll be sweating a lot and you wouldn’t want your hair to be all sticky and smelly. Braids are the simplest forms of the hairstyles. They are very easy and you can get creative with them. There are so many interesting and unique ways of creating braided hairstyles. You can also experiment with texture, highlights, clips, patterns or styles.

You can learn three basic styles of braiding hair here. You can build up new patterns or experiment with the following basics to create your own styles.

Simple Braid

This is the easiest ones and forms the foundation of any braid. Once you learn to make this braid, you have mastered the “art of braiding”.
Take three sections of hair, you alternate passing on the section from either side over a center strand. To get more control of your tresses, braid second-day hair or dampen your hair before starting the technique. You can also try a braid paste that gives hair more of a pliable texture.

Simple Braid
A traditional simple braid is the simplest way to get your hair out of your face and can be completed in less than a few minutes, after a couple of practice sessions.

Fish Tail Braid

This look is created by separating your hair into two sections. The technique consists of taking one strand from underneath one of the sections, and passing it over to the other. You repeat this on both sides continuously to get the pattern demonstrated in the video. It helps to tie your hair off in a ponytail first so that you can practice with controlled sections of hair.

At first look, this may not seem easy, but once you try and get a hang of it, this will be your go-to style for every season.

Fish Tail Braid

Celebrities like Blake Lively and Lauren Conrad have rocked this hairstyle on red carpet many times.

French Braid

The French braid is the first one to catch your eye (and hair!). In this braid, you incorporate strands of hair into a three-strand braid each time you pass hair over the center strand. Grab a strand of hair and add it in.

You get a patterned appearance in which the hair looks like it’s been pulled from the sides. It may take a few times to start a French braid from the crown of the head. In the beginning, hair strands may fall apart. Practice a few times and you’ll be an expert.

French Braid

Start braiding and get creative with the hairstyles.

Let us know your favorite braids in the comments below!

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