• Scam Alert
    Kellie Cream Scam: Find Out Here

    With the number of internet scams on the rise, many have been burned with Kellie Anti Aging Cream and its questionable business practices. Kellie Anti Aging Cream works by trapping you with marketing gimmicks and fine print in their terms and conditions, which you agree to when you sign up for Kellie Anti Aging Cream’s […]

  • Entertainment
    Top 10 Reasons Why Men Cheat On Their Partner

     Relationships are difficult to manage when people do not act responsibly or are mature enough to understand how a relationship works. Standing by your partner and fight for her rights are some basic duties of her partner for a better relationship. Commitment and unconditional love are quintessential. Most of the times it is too late before […]

  • Health
    5 Unique Orgasms You Won’t Believe Exist

    Orgasms, we all love to have them, both men and women. We also enjoy the act of sexual intimacy that often leads to blissful and sometimes toe-curling orgasms. Unfortunately, not everyone is capable of achieving an orgasm every time they have sex. This is especially true for many women who have expressed their difficulty/inability to […]

  • Scam Alert
    L’amour Skin Cream Scam

    You may be tired of looking older than your present age with the wrinkles and fine lines affecting your natural beauty. In order to get rid of them, many women opt for a surgery. But they end up getting a bad deal out of it as they experience various side effects on their skin. These […]

  • Fashion
    3 Super Easy Braided Hairstyles For Summer 2016

    Summer is all about cute outfits and cuter hairstyles. We don’t want the hair to be sticking on our pretty tanned faces. You’ll be sweating a lot and you wouldn’t want your hair to be all sticky and smelly. Braids are the simplest forms of the hairstyles. They are very easy and you can get […]

  • Beauty
    Sihu Skin Care Cream Scam Or Legit?

    The 21st century has seen internet turning out to be useful and entertaining. But the internet can also be a dangerous place. The anti-aging skincare market is booming online with unprecedented and exponential growth. Some manufacturers have unknowingly taken advantage of the unsuspecting consumers by offering shady free trial samples that are supposed to be […]

  • Food
    7 Strange Ways To Justify Your Chocolate Obsession

    Chocolate, the smooth, sugary and sometimes bitter piece of heaven. It comes in various flavors and forms. You grab it when you are happy or stressing out. It considered as a comfort food and no it’s not a myth. There is a scientific and historic reason for it. The ancient Aztec civilization considered chocolate to […]

  • Fashion
    Top 5 Accessories That Are Trending In Summer 2016

    While observing a woman, one will definitely mention what outfit she is wearing, but also what shoes, bag, and head-wear she is matching them with. Whether she wears her lengths loose or pulls them into a soft updo; and finally, what accessories she opts for to make her holistic outfit. Be that woman, by following […]