• Grooming
    Feminism -How Does Modern Society Justify It?

    There are countless brutal forms of discrimination that women have faced right since ancient times. How much ever one may try to deny this fact it is unfortunately the morally reprehensible truth. If you consider feminism as a part of a movement, whereby you are seeking women to have social, political, economical and occupational importance […]

  • Beauty
    5 Harmful Cosmetic Ingredients Which You Should Avoid

    Every woman uses cosmetics as it helps to enhance their beauty and personality. But women also need to be well aware of the dark sides of cosmetics. These are produced in bulk quantities and hence they are inevitably been loaded with toxic chemicals. These are responsible to cause harm to your skin. As per research, […]

  • Reviews
    Resvibrant Review

    Resvibrant is an anti-aging cream that’s claimed to use scientifically proven and patent ingredients to smooth skin, diminish the appearance of wrinkles and provide dramatic skin repair. When looking at skin care products it is important not to get carried away with claims. It is always best to look for proof. What does Resvibrant contains? […]

  • Reviews
    What Is Oro Lift Skin Care And Is It A Scam?

    As we get older, fine lines and wrinkles start to appear on our face. This can make you feel embarrassed, but you don’t have to accept them. There are various skin care products available that can help to reverse the signs of aging. Take Oro Lift for example, this product claims to “Restore Your Youth”, […]

  • Grooming
    Hair Care Hacks

    Women today are well familiar with hair woes. However every type of hair can use a little boost that will help you have a sleek look or even help you shorten the morning hair routine. Below mentioned are some clever tips that will help you provide proper attention towards hair care on an everyday basis. […]

  • Beauty
    Should You Sign Up For Derma Promedics Trial?

    Derma Promedics claims to be “Better than Botox”, but how can it make such a claim? Does it have any evidence to back up this quite extraordinary claim? Let’s look at this anti-aging cream in more detail to discover the truth. How Does Derma Promedics Work? Derma Promedics claims to eradicate the dark spots from […]

  • Fitness
    Importance Of Learning Self-Defense

    In the kind of world we live today self defense especially for women is of utmost importance. It is a known fact that women are referred to as the weaker sex and therefore, they are considered to be easy targets. There are cases of increase in gender violence, out of which many just pass by as […]

  • Fashion
    Bags Make The Perfect Style And Fashion Statement

    It is an observed fact that you never see a woman without a handbag. This is something that every woman carries around with her. It can be any occasion right from a picnic, shopping or even a party, the bag a woman carries with her is always there.  Women feel incomplete without handbags. The bags are […]